Team Atlantis Rising

Who is Team Atlantis Rising?


Team Atlantis Rising is a group of internet marketers with the same intention: working together to build their Downlines. Didi Wargo is the leader of Team Atlantis Rising who started a team in 2009 with just a few members. Since that time, she has proven herself in the world of internet marketing by helping Team Atlantis Rising members expand their network.

Didi wargo created this brand new innovative system to help all members of the group. Once you are in this team, you will know how dedicated she is to our team members’ success. Thumbs up to her, people from various countries all around the world are joining this program. She is not just a great team leader, she is a mentor, a teacher and an awesome motivator. She is not one of those leaders who will use us, Team Atlantis Rising members, to benefit herself. She is an honest and hard-working leader who works for the benefit of all team members.

What Does Team Atlantis Rising Promotes?

TrafficWave provides a reliable, professional autoresponder, the essential online marketing tools to its clients. TrafficWave also provides an efficient ad tracker service for you to monitor the traffic to your websites, and provides and hosts free capture pages with user-friendly templates which are limited only by your imagination. TrafficWave has been online and paying affiliates right on time for more than a decade now. This company pays weekly and monthly commissions based on new and recurring sales activity. There are a number of autoresponder service like Getresponse and Aweber, which are providing excellent service but far too expensive as your list grows.

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The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is a fantastic banner and text advertising site that pays daily with conversion rates as high as 50%. You do not have to click ads for credits.  You are allowed unlimited text and banner ads. Your ads will be displayed throughout TOAN’s entire network including on their site and other sites within their network. They advertise their blog on a number of sites around the world as well as print advertising and direct mail.
And it gets better.  TOAN’s affiliate pay plan is simply amazing.

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Why You Should Join Team Atlantis Rising?


1) Working together as a team, we are able to grow our network much more rapidly and efficiently than if we tried to do it alone. This is the only way to expand and boost your Trafficwave downlines. I’ve tried to build my Trafficwave downlines on my own, and believe me – it’s not an easy task. Actually, I have joined other trafficwave teambuild before this,  but nothing compares to Team Atlantis Rising. Team Atlantis Rising is special because of the human personal touch between members and the leader, this is something that i value most. If you get members that are using the autoresponder service, you will have no problem retaining them in your network, however, to find members that also aggressively build their own network is a much harder challenge to accomplish.

2) Team Atlantis Rising only accepts PAID TrafficWave referrals and they are joining us in record numbers. I am sure you are sick of joining programs only to work your butt off for free trial members, right? We can talk until we’re blue in the face and never convince many of them to upgrade their account.  It doesn’t matter what the program is.  If they offer a free trial or free membership, all the tire kickers come out of the nowhere thus wasting your time, your effort and most importantly your money. We are not here to play games with tire kickers, we are here to earn serious income and we’re doing it.

3) Everybody is joining us because we have finally discovered the system that is putting our members into profit on a daily basis with a super high retention rate.  Nobody else is doing what we are doing.  And if a member does lose a referral, we have a replacement plan in place.  There is nothing not to love about Team Atlantis Rising. You need an autoresponder anyhow, you might as well have the power of Team Atlantis Rising on your side supporting you in helping you build your very own TrafficWave legitimate online business.

4) There will be no membership fees or additional out-of-pocket costs to you. Being a member of Team Atlantis Rising is absolutely free. You will receive a broadcast every week from Didi sharing on who has graduated from the straight line rotator to the team’s rotating url series and who is next is in the hot seat in receiving his/her 3 paid referrals. She also sends weekly valuable freebies, wherein members may choose a valuable freebies, donated by both members and non members.

5) As a Team Atlantis Rising member, you have to promote the team ad but you have the option of promoting your very own ads. Didi Wargo will create the personal branding page that you completed to receive this information. She will teach you how to put this letter series together. She showed me how to do it, and she’ll do the same for you.

6) Full access to some amazing Team Atlantis Rising member only specials that you will not find any where else. These specials will help you greatly by increasing your view to hit ratio, reducing your surf timer, adding credits to your account monthly and more.

Team Atlantis Rising will maintain the highest standards of honesty and remain “transparent”.

Team Atlantis Rising will always keep an open line of communication with its members.

Team Atlantis Rising will provide as much personal support as humanly possible. And to do all this while providing our members with unlimited PAID TW referrals.

I’ll be looking forward to welcoming you aboard Team Atlantis Rising and helping you to build your new online business.